Meeting Planning 101

They didn’t teach us about pandemics in meeting planning school.  It was never mentioned in any of the courses or certificate programs I’ve taken. I never even thought to include the virus in a hotel force-majeure clause. 10 years of working in the meetings and events industry and I had no clue. Never crossed my […]

What do you do?

Our titles should officially be crisis handlers. Meeting planner is great and all but doesn’t capture all that we do. When you have me “handling” a leaking roof at a hotel ballroom before general session starts, combing through box after endless box to find the very expensive award plaque, and sitting on the floor of […]

I just want to be busy again

If you are a planner, you know what I mean. We have some of the busiest jobs in the world. Oh my goodness the stress! Do you remember before Covid-19? General session, 26 breakouts, and high maintenance speakers… I’ll also add that I am a 5 am riser and one that optimizes her time to […]